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Do you like motorcycling?

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IFMR Nordic is a fellowship within Rotary for those who love to ride motorcycles. Do you want to discover new exciting roads and places and spend time with good friends? Then join IFMR Nordic!


Several new tours 2023 – see below

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3 June 2023
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3 June, 2023
More info will come soon
17 June, 2023 - 18 June, 2023
Culture can be a lot and is everywhere. We meet somewhere in southernmost Sweden and explore our immediate area. A new date för the tour will be presented shortly. More info to come.
17 August, 2023 - 20 August, 2023
More info will come soon, but go to the event and check out the video!
1 September, 2023 - 3 September, 2023
Glostrup will be our base during the weekend and we will experience both northern and southern Zealand.
16 September, 2023 - 17 September, 2023
It will be a Skåne adventure also in 2023. Programs will come in the spring, but book the weekend in your calendar already today!
17 September, 2023 - 6 October, 2023
Sven Stenarson has taken the initiative for a fantastic trip in the Balkans where you visit 9 countries in 20 days.
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