What is IFMR?

IFMR logo 25 ubIFMR Norden is the club for you who have a bike, live in one of the Nordic countries and are a Rotarian.

Within Rotary there are Fellowships which you can call groups of people with the same interests or hobbies. In a Fellowship people can meet and excange experiences. The basic idea is to create places where Rotarians with the same interest can meet and excange experiences.

Founded in 1992

IFMR was fouded in 1992 by Jan E Johansson and at the start the fellowship only had three members. Today IFMR is spread all over the world on all continents. You can meet IFMR members från North and South America, Autralia, Japan, South Africa and many other countries. Just imagine what a fantastic contact net you will get with IFMR!

In Chapter Norden we are more than 250 members från Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway och Sweden. All wiht the same hobby - to ride motorcycles. We meet, take a ride, keep company, eat and drink and have a lot of fun.

Annual Spring and Autumn meetings

Each year we have two main meetings. The Spring meeting, always is held at "Kristi Himmelsfärdshelgen" (a church holiday) and the Autumn meeting in mid August.


We also publish a magazine called McRotary with five issues a year. Here you can read about what has and what will happend in the Fellowship and a lot more. You can find pdf-files of the magazine on this web site.

What are we doing?

During the motorcycle season the members arrange longer or shorter tours. Often the tour also includes a vistit to an intreseting place, a company, a museum or an event.

As a memeber of IFMR you always have the opportunity to participate in other countries IFMR activities. You can participate in international tours not only in Europe but in the whole world. Have a lot at other chapters web sites to find more information.

Why don't you join us?

If you are a Rotarian who drives or rides (also as a passenger) a motorcycle or a scooter and like good company, tours and adventures - join our fellowship! The yearly cost for the membership is only 50 Euro and the costs for the different tours are very reasonable. Family members are also welcome. Family membership is only 12 Euro per year!

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Links to the official Rotary web sites in

Denmark: www.rotary.dk

Finland: www.rotary.fi

Iceland: www.rotary.is

Norway: www.rotary.no

Sweden: www.rotary.se