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05 - 08 aug 2021



Höstmöte 5/8-8/8

The Höstmöte 2021 is now planned more in detail and the same Hotel and Spa Järvisydän in Rantasalmi is reserved for the time between 5th and 8th of August 2021. Arrival on Thursday and the tours will take place on Friday and Saturday. The official meeting will be held on Saturday.

As well-known Finland is the land of thousand lakes and East Finland is called Lake Finland. We will drive and experience some of the most beautiful lakeside roads. On Friday the target is the city of Savonlinna. There we will visit the city centre and the famous castle Olavinlinna. It serves for example as the stage for the famous Savonlinna Opera Festival.


From Savonlinna we take the road towards Punkaharju. The seven-kilometer-long ridge Punkaharju is one of the most famous natural attractions of this province called Savo. There we will visit The Finnish Forest Museum Lusto. Forest Industry was the first one to start industrialisation in Finland and is still very important for the economy and export.

Finnish Forest Museum

On Saturday the target is the city of Imatra. Along the way is one nice tourist attraction; the city and bridge of Puumala.


Our final destination of the day is Imatra where we will see a building which is called the most beautiful in Finland; the State Hotel of Imatra and later hopefully we can see the great waterfall Imatrankoski when the gates are opened and tons of water rushes out. So, this was only a teaser of what we will experience and of course we will reserve time to enjoy the Hotel and the Spa itself.

State Hotel of Imatra.
Waterfall Imatrankoski.

Let’s hope that corona is defeated until then and all of the planned attractions, companies and organisations, which are running them, are still working as normal and there will be no travelling restrictions anymore.

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