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24 Jul 2023 - 06 Aug 2023



The Sweden Tour

In 2020, a trip abroad was planned for the members of IFMR, but due to Covid 19 and closed borders, we had to cancel this trip and planned a trip to Sweden instead.

And what a success it was!

Let’s redo this tour also in 2023 but without closed country borders so the members from all our 5 Nordic countries can participate.

You can read about the planning and organization of the trip in 2020 in McRotary No. 3 in 2020 and the travel report for the trip in No. 4 of our magazine McRotary.

The arrangement is the same as in 2020, that we run a joint tour through Sweden as a hop-in-hop-out trip where the participants join the trip at any location and leave the trip exactly when they want.

I think the total length of the trip in time will be 12-14 days in total

I book hotel rooms entirely according to the wishes of the participants.

The journey starts in southern Sweden and Skåne where our Danish members can connect in Malmö/Helsingborg and then we drive north and maybe land on the first day in Gothenburg/Bohuslän to pick up Danish members who connect here.

We continue north and maybe up to Värmland and possibly into Norway to catch up with the Norwegian participants before we get up to Dalarna where we will definitely stay at the fantastic hotel Lustigsgården in Rättvik we used last trip.

We stay 2 nights in the same place to enjoy the nice roads around Lake Siljan.

We continue north and the whole plan for the trip is that we should not force long day stages but enjoy the technical museums and cultural adventures that can be found in Sweden.

When we are at this latitude, it might connect Finnish participants who come via connections from Stockholm or Sundsvall and connect to our community.

The last trip ended in Östersund with a day of driving around Storsjön, but there is also a possibility that this year we drive even further north and up into the mountain world, which is worth a visit.

When we turn south, we drive along Sweden’s east coast and pass famous cities such as Sundsvall, Gävle and Uppsala before coming down to Stockholm and its fantastic archipelago with many fine roads.

The idea is that when we travel around Sweden, the members who live in these places contribute to the planning of the road selection so that we get to drive the absolute best roads and also that we get to see what needs to be seen in terms of technology and culture.

After the royal capital, we continue along the eastern coast and Kalmar county and Blekinge before finally returning to Scania after a fantastic journey.