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18 - 21 May 2023



Spring Meeting

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Our IFMR Nordic Fellowship has reached three decades and we have the pleasure of celebrating this in connection with the upcoming spring meeting on 18-21. May 2023. We gather with a base at Lohja Spa & Resort in the village of Karislojo (Karjalohja in Finnish) on the shore of Lake Lojo, southern Finland’s largest lake. We will move through villages that were crossed by the old King’s Road, which in the past connected the Kingdom of Svea in the west with Viborg in the east. We will also travel a bit along the so-called Ox Road, which is an old route from the interior of Tavastland to Turku and the harbor there.

Parola war museum

Friday 19.5. it will be a longer trip of almost 30 miles as we drive to the interesting destination in Hattula next to Tavastehus town. Here we will get to know Finnish “sisu” and defensive will in the form of a large collection of old military tanks. Rotary is a movement of peace and there is no intention to create belligerence but we believe that this collection of motorized vehicles will interest us all. In an upcoming NATO community, modern and completely different equipment will be relevant, but it is also interesting to get a historical look back. In addition, there are promises of a new exhibit that ties into the regrettable and ongoing war in Ukraine.



On the way to Parola we will make a short stop at a popular MC Cafe´ called Lättis and which alludes to an old train carriage that has been placed out here in the terrain, far from any existing railway tracks. Take a morning break and coffee here. We eat lunch at the armor museum and on the way back to our base in Karislojo, we plan a stop at an exotic barbecue hut called Kievarin Kirnu. Still to confirm that they can accommodate us on our trip in the month of May.

Mine visits and mansions

Saturday 20.5. it will be a shorter driving day of c. ten miles. We will drive around Lake Lojo with some interesting stops along the way. The first stop takes us underground in Lojo, where we visit a limestone mine and somewhat adventurous exhibitions down a hundred meters deep. Unfortunately, we don’t have the pleasure of going down on our MCs, but make do with a modern KONE lift.

From Lojo we head towards Svartå and a small mill community that was once owned by mill patron Hjalmar Linder, who was the country’s richest man at the turn of the century before Finland’s independence.

From Svartå, we take a detour south to another mining site with an older history. Fagervik farm and iron mill.

Lohja Spa & Resort

Back at Lohja Spa & Resort, it’s time for the traditional and official spring meeting and later in the evening a celebratory dinner.

Registration for the spring meeting in Finland


Price for accommodation,
Thursday 18.5. – Sunday 21.5.
€288/person in dubbing room
€390/person in a single room

Included: breakfast buffet, dinners and entry to the Spa.

We get the rooms no later than 16:00 on arrival and check-out takes place before 12:00 on departure.

Meal drinks (alcohol) are not included in dinners except Saturday evening. Thursday and Friday: meal drinks are ordered and paid for separately by each person.

Please make your bookings by 31.03.2023.

Note that you must

A) book the hotel separately and

B) register here via the IFMR Nordic website and make a payment to IFMR Finland

Lohja Spa & resort
All book rooms directly with the hotel
  Email: myynti@lohjaspa.fi
  Enter code IFMR in connection with the booking
The rooms are paid on site directly to Lohja Spa & Resort. You handle changes and possible cancellations directly with the hotel.


Price for entry to the destinations, lunches and coffee during the driving tours and beach sauna on Thursday:
Payable to the IFMR Finland account:
Bank NORDEA,  FI71 1175 3500 1304 80, Bic/Swift NDEAFIHH. The recipient is Håkan Pihl

Thursday 18.5. we do a shorter drive together with those who arrived early and who are interested. During this tour, we make a stop for lunch / coffee, which everyone pays for directly at the rest area.

Friday 19.5. the joint driving tour starts at 08:00.

Thursday 18.5. we hold a review of the spring meeting’s program starting at 8 p.m


I'm participating in Thursday's drive.