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05 Aug 2023



IFMR tour in Southern Jutland

Where do we meet: Vojens Airport, Lilholtvej 8, 6500 Vojens at 9:00 AM, where we’ll start with coffee before departure at 9:30 AM.

How much does it cost: 250.00 DKK.

How far do we have to drive: The trip is approximately 125 km with the possibility of refueling along the way.

Registration and payment: By July 29, 2023, at revitz@post1.dknet.dk. Payment via MobilePay 20457480.

We are going back in time to visit Christiansdals Hydroelectric Power Plant. From the cradle of industry to industrial adventures to electricity production.

In 1911, a power plant was established using water from the Tørning Stream. It could produce 80,000 kilowatt-hours, which was enough to supply half of Haderslev at that time.

From there, we will continue to Knivsbjerg – a part of the Tour de France route – where we will hear the interesting story about the border region while enjoying some treats for the palate and throat.

Knivsbjerg was established in 1893 as a meeting place for German-minded South Jutlanders. In 1901, a 45-meter-high granite tower was erected as a memorial with a statue of Germany’s Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. The statue was moved to South Schleswig just before Southern Jutland’s reunification with Denmark in 1920. Knivsbjerg remains the central gathering place for the German minority.

Afterwards, we will continue at a leisurely pace, on a part of the Tour de France route, through the beautiful Southern Jutland countryside to Daamgaard Mølle.

Daamgaard Mølle is one of Denmark’s best-preserved mills, located in scenic surroundings and capable of grinding grain and processing buckwheat into flour and groats.

Adjacent to the mill, there is a collection of approximately 30 well-maintained vintage tractors.

We will experience both the mill and tractors, as well as the 100-year-old diesel engine from the cinema in Leipzig.

Here, cake and coffee await us in beautiful surroundings, and we can enjoy the conclusion of the trip before we each head our separate ways, looking forward to the next gathering among friends.

We will conclude approximately 5 km from the Southern Jutland Motorway.

Kim Ribert and Gynther Revitz.